About Us

Citrozone is a dutch based company specialized in importing and exporting fruits and vegetables to and from various regions in the world.

Our main product for importing is citrus, we import also pomegranates, grapes and kiwi, and our main product for exporting is apples.

The company's main aim is to offer the highest quality and open new global markets with the most reasonable prices, our food safety is guaranteed through having the required certificates according to global specifications.

Also to assure our products safety, Citrozone controls the entire process starting from the grower till delivering the product to the final customer.

We have more than 1,000 hectares certified with global gab in Egypt including citrus, pomegranates and grapes.

We have two packing houses running the latest machinery like automatic packing and palletizing machines producing an average of 80 ton/hour and seasonal capacity of 45,000 ton/season.